New Maker at OEN Shop – Woodwork by Craftsman Tomoharu Funahashi


I think vessels with lids and other boxes are some of the most popular objects that we stock in the shop. No surprise then that these are very hard to come by and many of the woodworkers don’t specialise in making these. I suppose you have to fit the lid to the body, and this can be a little challenging considering the ever changing nature of these handmade products. That’s why when I was shown the work of Tomoharu Funahashi it instantly sparked my interest.

Tomoharu Funahashi is a Japanese woodworker who resides in Iwakura, a city in Aichi Prefecture. His background is in Mechanical Engineering and he has been putting this knowledge to good use in the field of woodworking for over 20 years now. I like all the works, but one that I’d like to point out is the Round White Oak Box. The actual textured material on the side is a combination of cashew nut paint and sawdust which is then applied to the surface of the oak box. It’s quite a special technique and one that is rare to see.

His general woodwork is very finely crafted, but the boxes that he makes are really out of this world. They are detailed and have lots of character, each one is a joy to hold. I hope you like our selection and will go on to view more in the shop.

Works by Tomoharu Funahashi now available here →