New Maker at OEN Shop – Woodwork & Lacquerware by Mutsumi Goto


It’s been a busy few weeks here as we’ve had a number of new makers arrive. I try to leave a sufficient gap in between each arrival to show off their work properly. Sometimes it’s hard because the timing doesn’t necessarily work out, so often everything arrives at the same time.

This week we received new work by craftsman Mutsumi Goto. His workshop in the small town of Miyota, Nagano Prefecture, resides in an original Iron Works. The studio itself sits at the foothills of Mount Asama, an active volcano in central Honshu, and he uses these natural surroundings as inspiration for his woodwork and lacquerware.

Although the selection in the shop at the moment is small, the quality of the woodwork is absolutely outstanding and I’ll be looking to add to the collection in the near future. I would say all of these are one of a kind items, but the craftsmanship is some of the best I’ve ever seen. Most notably the Rubbed Lacquer Bowl and the Cherry and Birch Decorative Tray. Here’s a few images from the new collection, more can be found on the shop linked below.

Click here to shop woodwork by new maker Mutsumi Goto →