New Wooden Spoons and Knives by Taisuke Hirabayashi at OEN Shop


After the feature that we released a few weeks back showcasing the talented craftsman of Hornvarefabrikken, this time around we highlight some new works by Taisuke Hirabayashi of Atelier Tree Song, a craftsman who works in a similar manner.

Crafting wooden cutlery by hand, his beautiful woodworks are all cut using a bandsaw which he then refines with a knife before finishing with lacquer or oil. His serving spoons deemed popular on arrival, and I’m glad to report that we’ve added some new styles to the collection page as well as restocked old ones, the new ones include the Renge Spoon and the Butter Knife.

I think Taisuke’s skill is shown in the way that he’s able to create objects of beautiful form and weight. The Renge Spoon in particular shows this off in a dramatic way, where the back handle balances quite naturally off the table thanks to a small platform carved at the bottom of the spoon bowl. This balance really summarises the tactful and precise quality of the goods, I’m certainly in awe. I hope you like them too and will browse the collection page on the link below.

Click here to view woodworks by Atelier Tree Song →




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