This page is written in English and in no way are we held accountable for the translation of our words incase they take on a different meaning in a separate language to our own.

Welcome to OEN (the189.com), online shop, blog and design-orientated network site that scours the web for new and interesting projects in art and design fields. All sites are owned 100% by OEN (the189.com), which is a registered company in England.

We provide this website Terms of Service because we need to state the rights you have and the rights we have when providing this creative platform of information, content, features, discussion and dialogue. Some things in this Terms of Service you might not understand, not to worry, please contact us about your problems and let us know what you think.

We aspire to do the right, ethical and legal thing in bringing you this site, and we ask that you use the same judgment as you read, use, link to, and share the content hosted on OEN (“the189.com”).

When using our content, we ask that you give credit where appropriate and don’t edit our content or content that belongs to others without permission. If we’ve made an error, please let us know. You can reach us at our contact page.

Content Validity

Our Blog/Website (https://the189.com) is always moving forward, expressing views and finding reliable content for our readers. We can never be sure that all our content is 100% accurate, everyone makes mistakes. We pride ourselves on being human and giving our readers a chance to comment on what we publish.

Sometimes our writers may use adult language, this comes under our terms, in which you need to be over a certain age. This is in discretion with us and the writer, if our editors think it is usable and helps the content in any way, it will be used and that is final. Although if you have a problem with this or anything on the site we are always willing to take it into consideration. Please use the contact page in the footer navigation.

The information we publish today might not be valid or accurate two weeks or two years from now. Content, sources, information and links change over time, this is the natural evolution of blog content.

Libel and Defame

Anyone reading the Blog/Website (https://the189.com) will not hold you libel for what you say or display. The content on the blog is the opinion of the blogger, not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organisation, company, or individual, or anyone or thing, especially those with the ability and desire to fight back.


We work hard to create a membership environment where our readers can join in. We are responsible for the content, not any of our employers, volunteer groups, membership organisations, churches, or other agencies which we might be seen to represent.

Personal Views

The Blog/Website (https://the189.com) states personal views, we are responsible for them, not our employee or another agency (unless they write and then come under our personal views). This Blog/Website (https://the189.com) is our opinion only.

Protection from Commenters

We are not responsible, nor will be held liable, for anything anyone says on our Blog/Website (https://the189.com) in the blog comments, nor the laws which they may break in our country or theirs through their comments, content, implication, and intent. If you alert us we can try and tackle the issue first hand by taking down the comment(s).

Protection of our Fellow Bloggers

Some times we use multiple bloggers and/or contributors on our blog, anything they say is purely opinion, they cannot be held accountable for any content they post and either can we be held accountable for what they post. We cannot moderate all the content 24/7, as we are humans, but we can do our best as our intention is not harmful. This means we need our fellow readers to alert us when an activity that doesn’t follow these terms happens, or it will be adjusted when spotted by us as soon as possible. All contributors are shown the terms before writing to make sure they have something to reference when writing.

We Do No Harm

Our “intention” is to do no harm. To not injure others, defame, or libel. “Harm” is subject to interpretation not facts. It’s our opinion and advice, not counsel. What we write on our blog is not to be taken as fact nor absolute. If people use our advice, tips, techniques, and recommendations, and are injured, we are not to be held responsible.

Disclosure of how we get paid

We started this Blog/Website (https://the189.com) to help readers in the certain niches get good reliable content. With the volume in traffic we now make money from the website, this is a natural evolution of any business. We will not sacrifice our content to get paid, we have worked too hard. We sometimes get paid from advertisements in the sidebar, all being tracked from an external advert manager. These will relate to the content and will never harm you. Although on our site they will not harm you, we cannot be held accountable for when you click and visit the site. This is under the ‘external links’ agreement at the top of this page. If you do find malicious content or content that may harm, we will take it out with the advertiser and maybe go to the extreme of disconnecting all ties with them. We will never pay to write, or a sponsored post, if we do then this will be highlighted (But thats not really our style). All our ethics are transparent, please contact us if you have any problems.

Our main functioning income is from our online shop locatd at shop.the189.com.

Language Issues

We are not to be held responsible for translation or interpretation of content. Punctuation can change the intent of a statement, we cannot be held responsible for how you or someone else interprets it. Our blog/website will not be prosecuted for bad grammar and punctuation. Our main language is English.

Language Issues

We are not to be held responsible for translation or interpretation of content. Punctuation can change the intent of a statement, we cannot be held responsible for how you or someone else interprets it. Our blog/website will not be prosecuted for bad grammar and punctuation. Our main language is English.

International and Cultural Laws

We are not responsible for defamatory statements bound to government, religious, or other laws from the readers country of origin.

Limits on Damages

Although we stated earlier that we take no responsibility or liability for any harm or loss suffered by anyone by virtue of the content of this blog, in the event there are any damages sought, the absolute limit on damages that you explicitly agree to is a set of promotional material, all signed by the owner.

Please note: You can read all other terms on our dedicated ‘Terms of Use’ page found in the navigation at the top of this page.

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