Exclusive Preview of Kinfolk Magazine Volume 2

Since its beginning we’ve always been big fans of the Kinfolk publication, which for those who are unaware is the ultimate guide for a small gathering with close friends. So when we got talking to the editor Nathan Williams it just made sense for us to ask if he’d let us showcase a preview of sorts on the upcoming issue, volume 2.

Above and below we are hosting a little flavour of whats to come, with this issue being packed full of winter theming. Even if you’re not too fond of the colder weather you can’t deny it gives us all the opportunity to gather up our loved ones around a table and indulge in some real hearty, wholesome meals.

The issue is broken up into three sections: entertaining for one, two, and entertaining for a few, providing us all with ample inspiration for experimenting with new recipes for a variety of occasions. A favourite photographer of ours Brian W Ferry has a set showcased in this issue so “Candles & Winter Light” is definitely one to look out for along with the short written piece from founder of My New Roots, Sarah Britton.

Aside from these I’ve come across a delightful little quote from one of the featured writers Saer Richards which I think really sums up not only what this issue is trying to capture an essence of but Kinfolk as a whole:

“Talk becomes more honest and more personal; the words mirror the spirit of the food served. Hearty, warm dishes lead to talk of things that affect the soul: love, loss, sickness, and success” – Delightful! (Forging Family by Saer Richards)

Releasing December 12th this issue would be a great addition to any foodies christmas stocking, so grab them hot off the press because I’ve got a feeling they’re going to be in high demand.

Imagery by : Tim Robison, Gentl and Hyers, & Katie Stratton (painting)