Honey Harvest by Kinfolk

Our good friends at Kinfolk release their newest shoot titled “Honey Harvest” featuring some beekeeping. A pretty interesting piece that really connects the animal to our everyday life, I think a lot of the time we forget where our food actually comes from and how it gets to our plate so it’s nice to see this connection. Also this piece brings into perspective friendships and the power of sharing food with our loved ones, even more so now that Christmas and New Year is approaching. I hope you all really enjoy and soak in the atmosphere over the next week, this piece below makes you quite appreciative of these relationships that we have as human beings.

Firstly we get to see the bees up close in the hive and then the process of extraction and harvesting. The honeycomb is removed from the hive and the honey is separated using a honey extractor. The honey is then filtered into it’s purest form, perfect for consumption. The Kinfolk guys and girls then show us at the end how they finished the day off with a simple meal of bread and honey, nice and sweet for the colder months and goes down great with a cup of tea.

I definitely think beekeeping has gained popularity over the last few years, particularly in urban environments such as rooftops where you would never usually imagine them to thrive. Hopefully now they are on the up and people will respect these interesting little insects. Watch on below and enjoy.