A New Way of Interpreting the Landscape – Treelines by Drew Echberg


A theme that seems to have been addressed more than any other by photographers is the rapid pace of life in the big city, also the general modernisation of our society. Obviously I can see a need for this as cities are ever expanding and they’re impacting our lives now more than ever, but on a personal level I find myself drawn to work that’s looking towards nature as inspiration.

I also think it’s impressive when a photographer can can create a work of art out of a realist subject, merging abstract ideas with a concept of sorts. Take this fantastic series by Australian photographer Drew Echberg titled ‘Treelines’, he’s been able to create a selection of semi-abstract landscape photographs that explore a new way of interpreting forests and the surrounding environment.

Using a long exposure on his camera he’s been able to blur the photos to a point of artistry, almost morphing them in to paintings and tricking your eye. Interestingly abstracting nature in this way gives order and offers an unusual perspective on something that’s usually random and unpredictable. For me I think it’s about viewing the world in a different way, exploring the details and looking for everyday patterns that can enrich our daily lives. More like this can be found on Drew’s website below, they’re quite fantastic.










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