Abstract Ciies & Grids by Brooklyn-Based Photographer Won Kim


It’s not all that often that I find other photographers who are on a similar wavelength. Yes, maybe in terms or creativity, but when it comes to subject matter it can be a bit thin on the ground. One of those who did intrigue me with their choice of subject was Brooklyn based photographer Won Kim. As one of last years “emerging photographers” it’s obvious his work is already being appreciated around the world, and I thought today I would present some of my own favourites from his collection to kickstart those who weren’t aware of his presence.

Mixing abstract colour with architectural form he’s able to produce stimulating photographs, with his goal to use simple subjects with the theme of viewing the details up-close, whether that be textures from everyday objects or those found in group scenarios. This is something that’s common across his whole range of work, looking hard he’s been able to pinpoint and isolate certain compositions that stick out, highlighting different dimensions in everyday environments.

Take the ‘Metropolis’ series as an example, with each build set individually against a contrasting sky they’re able to stick out like bold sculptures and show both the character and simplicity behind each form, instead of clustered together. I think overall being drawn in by the mixture of abstraction and realism left me inspired, as Won Kim often obscures the photographic side of things to convey his message. See here for some of his abstract and grid-like work, it’s a unique mix of colour, structure and form.