Animal Photography by Joel Sartore

Joel Sartore is an American photographer who is well known for his work with National Geographic magazine. He focuses on taking pictures of wildlife in it’s natural habitat or natural pose, two decades with the National Geographic society has allowed him to cover such a vast variety of species, from animals in the Amazon, to animals in the snowy mountains.

This guy is a real inspiration, he is extremely committed to conservation, especially in the Great Plains where he has live his whole life. Joel is also the co-founder of the Grassland Foundation, and a founding member of the International League of Conservation Photographers. I really admire him for sticking to his guns and doing something he believes in, something that could make a difference.

You can see this in his work here how talented this guy has become. It’s all come from hard work, dedication and sacrifice, but also putting everything he is into this subject matter. A true talent.