Capturing Details – Landscape Photography by Rikke Hass Christensen

In my opinion travelling plays a very important role in inspiring yourself and gaining knowledge. So when I visit somewhere new I take my camera along to capture any details in those moments that spark my creativity or hold my attention. Yes they can be used as reference for later work, such as inspiring shapes found in nature that could be later translated in to sculpture or architecture, but the camera can sometimes aid in the discovery process and make you hone in on the finer details. This is why I admire Rikke Hass Christensen’s photography and wanted to highlight her work here for all of you to see.

Rikke Hass Christensen resides in Copenhagen and works in many different areas of photography, but one that struck a chord with me was her landscape photography. Many of the photos are actually captured in Copenhagen itself, a city I was lucky enough to visit last year, so not only did they have a nostalgic effect on me they also made me think about the importance of not just capturing the area but also thinking about the mood in the environment and how these translate in the photograph. Many of the photos are muted or slightly dark, which I think adds to the mystical nature of Denmark and is something I noticed myself.

It’s no surprise this is a place where she finds inspiration the most, and water plays a particular role in many of his photos as she has captured the motion and weather quite beautifully in them. Her goal is to highlight a side of the city that isn’t often shown, combining the beauty of Danish architecture and design with mother nature. What’s better than that? Anyway, here are a few photos but I also recommend going over to her portfolio where prints can be purchased and you get a better idea of the different series that she has captured. Enjoy.

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