Catalogue Imagery from Truck Furniture

It’s only by chance that I came across this, but whilst browsing around for a collection of ceramics earlier I stumbled upon the Truck Furniture website which has been updated recently with a handful of catalogue images. Their honest approach to photographing their products has always been a big hit with us, both on the blog and through the store with the range of books we offer. A lot of these products feature in Tokuhiko’s home so you know the Japanese duo are designing objects they have tried and tested on a daily basis.

The pair of us were lucky enough to meet with Tokuhiko a year or so back as he visited various stores around London, and one thing that really inspired both of us was his appetite for sourcing new ideas from literally everything around him. We were constantly stopping to photograph different textures and materials, he was ruthless in his search for understated character which is an element ever present in the production of Truck’s beautiful furniture.

My visit to their website also reminded me of the news of a fresh publication they are working on titled “Truck Nest”, which I’m sure will be a big hit with lots of you, as we’ve certainly had to be on our toes for reordering the other books from Truck. Their candid film photography is a big inspiration to lots of us so if you enjoy the set here why not consider taking a browse at our selection in the shop. Alternatively for more information on the Studio and their work you can follow all development via their website, which I will link just below.