Collection Of Latest From Sannah Kvist

Ever since I came across the talents of Sannah Kvist I always seem to keep one eye on what she’s creating, her candid approach to capturing really seems to resonate with me, it’s all very inspiring stuff. The set we have here is a little more playful than what has been brought across previously, I really love this though, it’s nice to see the personalities of both photographer and subject shining through.

Take the fifth image for example the photo itself has a great foundation of composition, stunning location and colour tone which makes it so much more than just a playful candid shot. Yes Sannah’s work at times is rather casual but this is not without meticulous attention to detail, and eye for the refined subtleties which separate a good photo from a great one.

For me personally Sannah’s work is always a great form of inspiration, this isn’t the first time her work has been featured on our format, and I doubt it will be the last with the constant quality found in her extensive portfolio. I really enjoy what we have above and below and I hope you all do too, for more imagery from Sannah I strongly recommend heading over to either her Flickr account or Blog page via the links below.


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