Documenting Details – Imagery by Photographer Friederike von Rauch

Photography is a tricky subject to explore in a written sense. I suppose it really depends on the photographer and what kind of concept they are trying to convey through their imagery. If the subject is flat it can be hard to talk about and take inspiration from, so this is why I wanted to select the work of Friederike Von Rauch as her aesthetic is very inspiring to see for me personally as a fellow photographer.

Friederike von Rauch has the unique ability to turn the simplest of details in to a spectacle. She photographs buildings in a poetic way, framing them so that they are structured much like a canvas would be. Residing in the actual imagery are a number of textures, colours and lines that draw your eye in and cause you to track across the image from different angles. The tension between all the elements is what gives them a sculptural value of sorts, something that is quite rare in the field of photography.

I thought the white on white imagery was particularly special as the shadows and hidden lines really showcase what makes Friederike’s work so special. The unnoticed elements are what we need to bring peoples attention back to as I feel these have the ability to centre us as humans and give us an awareness of the everyday beauty that’s surrounding us. Friederike’s work is a constant visual reminder of this and should be admired for the detailed eye that she possesses.


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