Food Photography by Gentl and Hyers


I’ve seen an emergence of lifestyle orientated magazines, specifically those targeted towards food and living. I suppose these trends come and go, but it’s nice to see an appreciation for those little details that go unnoticed daily. The more people opened up to this mentality the better. Writer Nikaela Marie Peters put together a nice article for Kinfolk titled ‘The Idler: How to do nothing’, and I thought it was very well written and had a nice message about our individual and cultural well-being.

In this time I’ve also seen photography change and shift, many switching from digital to film, even fake lighting seems to have lost favour to the natural light source of the sun. Rather than discarding photographs because of slight imperfections the grain is appreciated and used to generate texture and pattern. Whether you could say there’s “wabi-sabi” in a photograph I’m not quite sure, but there’s definitely something unique about this style. Saying that, it’s not often you see photography taken to the point of artistry, this requires a different set of skills. The food photography presented here by studio Gentl and Hyers is certainly on that level, I’m very much in awe.

Andrea Gentl and Martin Hyers own the studio, living and working in New York City they shoot a mixture of still life, travel, interiors, food and portraits. I think the key to these photographs is the arrangement and colouring involved in each picture, they almost look like paint on canvas. I feel this derives from nature itself, as many of the photographs on their portfolio are taken of plant matter and other flower arrangements. So really food is just an extension of this and follows a similar pattern, and if we’re being honest there’s nothing more beautiful than nature itself! So if you’re handy with a camera yourself why not take it out and experiment, see how you can play with colour and texture to create poetic compositions like what’s seen in the photographs below. More from Gentl and Hyers can be found on their website.











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