Food Stills by Jason Lowe

Award-winning food and travel photographer Jason Lowe is a genius in my eyes, his works are always something special and really captivate my attention. There’s not one photograph that I’ve seen of his that disappoints, today I thought I would present a little series of food stills which are all in black and white.

Jason has won many awards for his food photography over the years and has worked with some of the finest chefs and food producers in the world. His works have appeared in all sorts different magazines and publications, notably Food and Travel and Food Illustrated, and his pictures have sat alongside some of the most inspirational cookery writers. So I guess it’s no wonder with experience like this we’re seeing fantastic work crop up on a regular basis, nearly every time he snaps away in fact.

What I like about the black and white in this series is how it’s quite unnatural in a sense that the colour of the food is usually the main thing that grabs your attention when viewing photography of this kind. Often I think you’re cheated by your tastebuds and you think something’s more enticing than it actually is. Here it’s just purely abstract and the stark contrast of the black and white is not only gripping but quite appealing. Although this set is very simple in it’s nature, only Mr Lowe would pull it off like this. The tones are soft and it has a human connection like no other, it doesn’t feel cold it feels warm and subtle which a feat in itself.

This is just a small selection of his works so I would obviously urge you to head towards his portfolio page where you’ll be admiring his pictures for hours. I’ve probably spent the whole of my night just flicking through and getting inspired. Don’t think the colour photography is bad either, I think it’s just as good! Enjoy.


  • la domestique

    What a great thought about the fact that we’re so focused on the color of food, thinking that’s where the beauty lies! These shots are really special, thanks for sharing Jason Lowe’s work.

  • Mark Robinson

    Yeah it’s an interesting concept I think, but quite a valid one at that. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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