Further Imagery by Ryan Schude

It’s been a little while since I’ve taken a browse over the portfolio of American photographer Ryan Schude, so today I’ve brought across a nice selection of his recent workings as I’m sure you will all agree that these are quite impressive. In constructing some wonderfully elaborate scenes, Ryan conveys a great amount of drama through his subjects with examples at each end of the scale of realism and surrealism.

There’s quite an obvious Americana theme running throughout this set with a handful of these reminding me somewhat of Mad Men. I just love how natural the theme is conveyed in the fourth image, it’s all very believable. You can only imagine the amount of organisation and budgeting that goes into taking these sorts of images, everything has been scrutinized down to the tinniest of details. I’d really recommend heading over to his personal site if you’d like to view more of these, his portfolio consistently impresses and is well worth keeping up to date with.


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