Further Imagery From Hideaki Hamada

So I know we’ve featured Japanese photographer Hideaki Hamada and these little fellows in the past, but this latest set is so beautifully captured and wonderfully natural that I couldn’t resist sharing these on the format again. Based in Osaka, Hideaki is a highly creative individual, he’s as equally as impressive at creating music as he is capturing stunning lifestyle snaps, and I’m sure you will all agree that these are really adorable.

I’m a big fan of the simplicity found in Hideaki’s imagery, I think we can certainly close the argument of less being more with these minimalistic frames as damming evidence, these are so easy on the eye and precise – I love how they don’t feel rigid or structured in any way.

I think you can apply a lot of what we have here visually to the musical pieces that Hideaki has been involved in, he obviously has clear principles which he doesn’t break away from. This is always the starting point for any inspiring creative in my mind. If you’ve got a moment I would recommend heading over to Hideaki’s respective pages and sampling a little more of his work, both visual and audio, I’l leave the links just below for those interested.