Further Imagery from Tim Simmons

Speaking to a few of our readers it seems like a lot of you are pretty gutted that BBC’s Frozen Planet series has reached it’s end. There’s obviously something quite captivating about seeing new environments that we aren’t familiar with, so with this in mind I thought it would be fitting to return to photographer Tim Simmons as his portfolio is packed full of similar jaw dropping scenery.

Lot’s of these shots we’ve got here today were actually taken in Iceland too, which is where a good chunk of Attenborough’s episodes were captured. Tim really does provide his audience with some really special scenes which feel so untouched from any human existence, they definitely perceive the idea to me that this is how nature intended things to be.

Just scanning my eyes over these I was pondering all the wonderful creatures that must call these havens home. I think we all forget sometimes how vast the world is while we are in our own little busy bubble. Especially this time of year when we are all running around picking up gifts for loved ones, I think it’s important to take a moment and reflect how remarkable planent earth is.

So if you can spare the time in the busy festive season, why not head over to Tim’s page with a good cup of tea and take some time to reflect and relax. I know I will.


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