Garden People, The Photographs of Valerie Finnis

I stumbled across some fantastic photography from a book that records the English gardening scene, titled “Garden People: The Photographs of Valerie Finnis”. The pictures in the book were taken by well known British photographer and gardener Valerie Finnis, renowned for her contribution to horticulture and also her flower photography. All were shot on a Rolleiflex camera that had been given to her by a close friend.

I thought it would be great to grab some of my favourite shots and also some looks at the inside of the book to put a slight twist into the format. You’ve probably seen quite a lot of greenery floating around the site lately but we assure you it’s not intentional in any way, it just happens to be featured in lots of inspiring projects and photography series.

Valerie and her husband travelled through Great Britain meeting famous individuals, most notably Roald Dahl and his family, as well as lesser known gardeners, nurserymen, plant enthusiasts, designers, and artists. This book is a total gem, full of beautiful photography that gives us an insight into the strange, eccentric, and wonderful lives of all sorts of creative people. To purchase this book and to see the description you can head towards Amazon, her Obituary on the Guardian website might also be worth a read.