Imagery By Elizaveta Porodina

Russian native Elizaveta Porodina is a talented photographer currently working and living out of Munich, Germany. I uncovered her work over on Flickr and was inspired by her dramatic approach toward the human form, vivid style and the use of colour. All were rather captivating.

In the creation of characters Elizaveta presents a great deal of mystery to her viewer, in some frames they remind me of dreams or visions, it’s all a bit surreal. This imaginative approach combined with a great eye for colour has really impressed me, and i’ll certainly be on the look out for more from this talented Russian creative in the near future.

With such visually dramatic imagery Elizaveta’s style is one that is suited well to the fashion world, and this is the market she aims to attract. Working closely with several labels Elizaveta has promoted collections in the past and is currently available for commissions.