Imagery By Kevin Kunstadt

I seem to have a lot of time for imagery of wide open spaces at the minute, perhaps subconsciously I’m telling myself I need to get away from the city for a while. While I ponder this, I’ve brought across some images that I’m really in awe of by Kevin Kunstadt. I’m sure you will all enjoy these as they have a very classic feel, with some really easy on the eye tones. I love the fact that these images aren’t trying to be loud, or bold or even demand my attention, they don’t need to because they hold great compositions and feature stunning scenes.

Based in New York, Kevin promotes a variety of both urban inspired architecture works and rural open spaces in his portfolio, with work held together using a staple of precise framing, natural lighting and engaging subject and location. I think his works are going to be pretty memorable, I find them so inspiring.

Head towards Kevin Kunstadt’s personal page for more, he is also a regular Flickr user so check his page out if you have a profile.