Imagery By Sannah Kvist

Sometimes you stumble across creatives that produce work that blows your mind. They tick every last box you have hidden away somewhere inside of your brain in the process. These are the days you want to have, and Sannah Kvist’s and her photography made today one of those days for me.

Her imagery is real food for the soul, so lighthearted, precise and holding feel good factor in abundance. Take the third image for example, this speaks of total liberation to me, with the natural light filling the frame. As the sun is beaming down on the subject as they lay across the tracks on the pavement, there is great storytelling potential brought into the photo which is present throughout the set.

We get slices of lifestyle and character presented by the Swedish photographer that leave you longing to view more. I think I could favorite the most part of her profile.

While I personally scramble through the rest of her portfolio for more inspirational looks, enjoy what we have here, being sure to go searching for more if you like what you see.