Imagery From Joe Nigel Coleman

Photographer Joe Nigel Coleman brings us these stunning lifestyle looks taken in vast outdoor terrain showcasing the beauty of the great outdoors. Joe has quite obviously captured these while out exploring with good friends which in turn encourages his candid simplistic approach. His style really suits that of film photography with the natural light that these locations offer up converted into some fantastic texture and tone shown throughout the set we have here.

In all honesty it doesn’t surprise me that Joe is based in Australia because his images highlight an absolute appreciation and admiration for nature that I think is quite typical for the average ozzy dweller, this seems to be intertwined into their culture and upbringing. You can almost imagine yourself sitting next to the lake or coastline when viewing these and just letting the day pass while you reflect on your day to day tasks.

I’d not come across Joe’s work previously so this was quite a pleasant find, I’ve began to browse through pinterest and his imagery really stood out to me when shown against the other shots that various creatives had found inspiring. If you’ve got the time I’d like to point you over to Joe’s webpage which holds a more extensive amount of work than we have here, I’ll leave the link just below.