Imagery From Nich Hance McElroy

I found these vast and beautiful landscape images captured by American photographer Nich Hance McEroy hiding away on Flickr, so I brought them across for us all to appreciate. They really are something, catching my eye as I scanned through Nich’s photostream, I was also impressed with a lot of his other pieces – he’s got some great double exposure type images lying around too.

I can’t say I’ve come across the chap before, but I really appreciate the tones and colours he brings into his imagery, they are all very uplifting. With little or no human presence in his works the photos come across as peaceful, I’m not too sure where they have been taken, but the views look absolutely stunning.

It’s been a fair while since I’ve brought some landscape visuals across so I thought I would fight the trend. I’m glad Nich has taken the time to capture these great views, because if you’re like me you will find these visuals like creative fuel.

I found this comment over on his page which summed up his work really well :

“Nich’s photos are a story. they resonate with that which is the most real within us all. They’re honest, heartfelt, and nothing less than inspiring.”