Imagery from Ricor

Taiwan based Photographer Ricor brings us this stunning set of imagery which documents the bicycle culture that can be found in his homeland. Much like London at this moment in time Taipei is vastly populated with cyclists opting to push the pavement apposed to catching a bus or train line, in this set we get a gaze at one particular gentleman’s tool of transport in various locations around the capital.

Recently we both have taken quite an interest in cycling (you may have noticed in the content) and currently have undertaken side projects to see if we can build something road worthy, so these looks are quite useful in terms of personal inspiration. I think the fourth image is my pick of the bunch as the subject seems to be caught in a moment of reflection as he rests his tired frame on the pavement.

There are some nice elements to his cycle that I think I will try to replicate on my own project, those wrapped handlebars look like a winner. I’d recommend taking a look at some more of Ricor’s work over on his profile, he’s quite the master of this candid style of photography.