Imagery From Seren Coskun

Im an avid fan of real life captured imagery, so when I came across the workings of young Turkish creative Seren Coskun I was really fascinated with her style and execution using old fashioned film photography. Although these looks from Seren are all captured in her day to day lifestyle, alot of them seem to hold a certain vividness which adds a quirky element to the overall feel of her work. I like how Seren has captured her peers in a few of these in what seems like a daydream sort of state, as if they are in a moment of self reflection.

This candid approach really does insure a genuine feel is embedded within whatever Seren cares to capture, her works are quite personable and hold such like-ability for me. Aside from capturing her peers Seren is often found in front of the camera, so she clearly has a strong idea how to get the best out of her subjects.

I’m not sure If Seren has switched her equipment around or it is just a case of practice making perfect, but her works really seem to have jumped up in quality of late. I defiantly recommend having a browse through her Flickr page for some added inspiration, also if you have time on your hands you can check her blog out which is linked just bellow.