Imagery Of Norway By Joachim Baan

I was pretty gutted when Joachim of Another Something put the site on pause for a couple of weeks – the page is always packed full of inspiring pieces. However it would seem that even when he’s taking time away from the site he’s still producing inspiring visuals in the form of this small set of photography that he’s captured, cycling in the mountain terrain of Norway.

I can only imagine how good it must be to get out into these open roads and forget about all your worries for a while, especially when you’re surrounded by such beautiful scenery. I love the fact that these are so candidly shot as it’s exposed a real natural atmosphere which can be found throughout the set. The black and white emphasizes the contrast of tone and texture nicely, I think these hold a little more impact than they would if they were in colour.

If you have got a moment spare and your’re on the prowl for more content of a similar nature ie. handcrafted goods, Independent designers, or the concept of creativity, I’d recommend heading over to Another Something once it returns in early August, they’ve always got something inspiring to showcase.