Lifestyle Imagery by Japanese Photographer Hiki

I pulled across some of my favourite work by Japanese photographer Hiki. This web developer based in Tokyo takes some absolutely stunning pictures, I had a hard time choosing between the different photographs (because there are so many great ones!). As with most photography that appeals to me, I decided to pick those that had an air of simplicity and also involved some sort of lifestyle of cultural element. In fact, most of the photographs showcase everyday scenarios that are documented in a candid way. I guess these are all just an extension of Hiki’s life.

I’m not sure what camera she uses, most probably some sort of 35mm with this type of graining. They remind me of my Pentax K1000 that I try to get out from time to time, it’s just a shame that we’re often limited for light here in the UK, so you have to take whatever opportunities you have. A few of my favourites include the photograph below, with the beautiful crafted tray and dark wooden spoon, where you can see all the carving marks where the craftsman has chipped away to make the surface deeper from the edge. I’m also really fond of the bottom image taken of the glassware, sometimes Hiki plays on a particular theme (this time blue), and showcases it on her blog for all to see.

If you have a spare minute, or an hour, since there are so many great pictures to look through, I would recommend browsing her all her websites. Funnily enough Hiki also owns a beautiful little shop with a great selection of products called UGUiSU, check that out here, they sell a fantastic array of Japanese handmade products. Plus they ship worldwide!