Inspiring Lifestyle Photography by Cultivated Days


I’ve been a bit cheeky today by pinching some inspiring imagery from another blog, the photography was that good I had to showcase it. The images come from a website titled ‘Cultivated Days’ that’s founded and edited by Prairie Stuart-Wolff. Interestingly Prairie, with the help of designer Tam Ngo, has been releasing online editions of the Cultivated Days magazine through the website and they’ve been a real hit. As you can see from the photos here, the photography is also exceptional alongside the stories/content itself.

The idea of Cultivated Days is to highlight a passion for craftsmanship, design and detail but equally concerned with origin, influence, and effect. Meaning they’re constantly on the lookout for individuals who blend innovation with tradition, something I also find myself talking about quite a bit on here. These specific photos have been pulled from the Cultivated Days blog, where they post on a weekly basis. On the blog they try to make us appreciate the simple things in life, such as the light, the aromas of food, being with friends and family, also the changes in season. You can easily see this through the photos and the beautiful 35mm graining//blur compliments the editorials nicely.

One thing that resonated with me in particular is the idea of caring about how we live and the value in taking time for quality. This pulls through to all aspects of life, and even our professions. I think this can also be applied to design and creativity in general, too many times I’ve seen individuals rush quality because of limited time or a company budget. In my eyes, if the finished article fails to provide an exact purpose in everyday life, it should be scrapped in favour of something else (or nothing at all). Sometimes you can push an idea so far that it gets to a point of no return.

Anyways, enough of me blabbering on about right or wrong, I’ll let you get on and discover the Cultivated Days blog and website. You will find a couple of the magazine issues available to read on the website, look out for the amazing photo series where they show different individuals making and crafting. I was particularly inspired by the bread making and some of the Japanese segments, where they showcase superb tableware such as lacquerware and ceramics. Brilliant!










  • Sam

    This was a fantastic rec. Well-written and beautifully photographed. Thank you!

    Particularly enjoyed the articles about Bonsai and the “Ama” (Freedivers) from Vol. 2.

  • Willie Robb

    Great article and link. Natural light and shallow depth of field is such a winner.

  • Stockphoto

    This is really great blog , your life style is so beautiful . Nice photographs ..

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