Interview with New York Based Photographer Brian W. Ferry

Why it’s taken us so long to include Brian W Ferry into our interview lineup is a little beyond us, he is now however so if you haven’t yet read our recent conversation it’s quite an honest account from the New York based photographer. On a personal note it was really interesting to receive Brian’s responses back as we learned a little more about the man behind the lens.

We didn’t for example know that Brian formally worked as a lawyer, so he’s made quite the transition to take on what he considers to be his dream job. I think there are lots of people out there happy to take good money when their hearts lie elsewhere, so it’s a real measure of a man that can trust his instincts and take a risk in a new line of work.

As a creative Brian has always provided copious amounts of inspiration for everyone involved with the OEN platform, so we wish him all the best as he steps out full time as a photographer. Hopefully in the future we can do some collaborative work with Brian for the store, but for the time being you’ll have to do with this fantastic interview, well worthy of five minutes of your time.

Read the interview with photographer Brian W. Ferry here.