Island Menu, Tasmanian Food & Photos

A great little food blog called Island Menu started by two friends, Samuel Shelley and Catherine Miller, with a strong focus on sharing recipes and Tasmanian produce. Samuel is a professional photographer and graphic designer and Catherine has interest in photography and cooking so this project pretty much goes hand in hand for both of them.

What blew me away more than the recipes themselves, although they’re really great too, the photography and the simplistic approach of laying out the food. The settings are always good and I like how they mix in the lifestyle aspect as well, for example visiting markets or fishing for fresh trout.

So far they’ve only got four pages up but I wholly recommend subscribing for updates whether it be for the food or the photography, these pictures above and below are sure to make your mouth water.

“With Island Menu we hope to share recipes that are simple yet full of flavor and present them in our photographs in a way that is both sincere and honest.”