Landscapes By Cody Cobb

I couldn’t help but return to the eye pleasing portfolio of Seatle based photographer Cody Cobb, his style really sits well with my own tastes in photography. I’m sure there will be those that feel this is more of the same, but in all honesty I think if something is great then why not return to it for further inspiration.

Cody always presents us we these idyllic, untouched, uncluttered and natural scenes that you can just frame on a wall and still not lose admiration for. I think thats one of the biggest complements you can give a modern photographer, especially considering the throw away culture that the internet has cultivated.

I’m often debating in my own mind the peaks and troughs of the web for creative talent, I guess competition is a big factor to consider in this argument. One of the reasons I keep returning to Cody is because he offers something his peers/competition seem unable to create consistently.

Much like another one of my favourite photographers Randy Martin, Cody has that golden structure embedded within his works which perfectly complements the subtle scenes in front of his viewfinder. It’s all in the details, they both leave just enough substance remaining in view, leaving a refined elegance which is always both refreshing and inspiring to stumble upon.