Life as Cinema by D-Yee

D-Yee is a travelling man, based in New York, this guy has been everywhere, from England and Norway to Iceland and Chile. The series shown below is titled Life as Cinema, following and documenting life as he jet sets off around the world.

Although a series, these pieces don’t feel forced or directed in any way. I guess that’s part of life, and is in some way what D-Yee is trying to get out of his photography. That relation with the audience.

D-Yee says his inspiration behind Life as Cinema is a combination of many things, “From the start of my street photography to fine art and photo journalism of human life and society. My perpetual attraction to the human condition. Ugly, beautiful.”

It looks like Life as Cinema presents us with chapters, this chapter being mainly of human life in unexpected fleeting moments, in places foreign and now forgotten. This series will naturally grow and develop as will the photographers life, D-Yee goes onto say, “Like life, or most of it, I have very little control over what I photograph. The only dictation in the series is how I select an image for it…”.

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