Living Quarters Photographed by Mieke Verbijlen

Film Photography by Mieke Verbijlen 1

After a little gap between any photography related articles, although every post here does feature an exciting array of imagery, I thought it was about time I highlighted an individual that’s been particularly inspiring for a little while. I’ve had the portfolio bookmarked in my reader and I’m checking back regularly to see if their has been any new series added to the ever growing list on her website. These are all interior shots by photographer Mieke Verbijlen, she has a bit the passion for taking interior imagery and documenting her friends spaces. Usually we’re more involved with the architectural photography, I’m attracted to the structured lines and amazing shadows that are created through interesting builds, but I also like to document aesthetic beauty and things that grab my attention in different ways. Mieke is one of those people who’s right on my level when it comes to this taste in lifestyle and the environment around her, I just can’t fault it.

In fact I’ve come to gather a unique taste in photography and it’s definitely prevailed in the shop over the last six months. It’s this idea of manipulating and using shadows in certain ways, our good friend Brian Ferry achieved it recently in a small series he shot out and about, and you can see it used here also by Mieke. Fantastic rays of light everywhere, shining through the windows and enlightening the lens. And as you can imagine with someone like myself who’s generally very picky, there’s a fine line between a great image and something more mediocre. The photography I tend to cling to doesn’t show its effort, it’s the sort that dances through the air effortlessly. A weird kind of concept, but it’s imagery that doesn’t feel forced or hard worked, it seems natural and comes to the photographer quite easy (even though underneath there’s a lot of work and experimentation). I think this runs through in all the things we talk about here, most are economic in aesthetic and have that underlying tone of simplicity.

Overall this photography is there to communicate the creative environment of a human being, so we can glimpse into their life and work. It’s both poetic and sincere, in a way arguing a point of how we should be living and thinking, a more creative lifestyle where we appreciate the little details. Mieke lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium and has plenty more photos on her website. I’ve picked out ten of my favourites for all of you to peruse, now that the sun’s finally appearing why not take your camera out and get a few snaps for yourself?!

Film Photography by Mieke Verbijlen 3

Film Photography by Mieke Verbijlen 2

Film Photography by Mieke Verbijlen 4

Film Photography by Mieke Verbijlen 5

Film Photography by Mieke Verbijlen 6

Film Photography by Mieke Verbijlen 7

Film Photography by Mieke Verbijlen 10

Film Photography by Mieke Verbijlen 8

Film Photography by Mieke Verbijlen 9