Mari Andrews Photographed by In The Make

We might of created a silly amount of content of our own over the years but we’re ultimately big consumers and admirers of others work too. So this morning I’d like to highlight to you all one of my favourite spots to get inspired by called ‘In the Make’ which showcases various creatives in their studios/homes alongside a concise yet captivating interview. They recently got together with Maria Andrews, a sculptor and artist I’d not come across before who’s work and workplace completely blew me away. I couldn’t help but add their imagery to our archive, but I really do recommend making a trip across to the In The Make webpage to read Mari’s interview among others.

Before you do however let me provide you with a little bit of a back story to Mari which I enjoyed reading into earlier on. Based in Emeryville California the artist’s works have evolved out of years of drawing and obsessively collecting, be this through long walks along the shore or investigating the local woodland, Mari is always picking up organic matter to use at a later date. Sculpture becomes the vessel to converge all these ideas into one form, with natural materials such as pine needles or branches combined with others of a more manmade nature to compete a hybrid object that celebrates the artist’s imaginative spirt.

As you can see in the imagery below her studio is packed to the rafters with an abundance of textures and colours from the great outdoors, all helping to form this delightful visual of organised chaos. I love spaces like these because you never no what you are going to stumble upon that might get you thinking in a different light about the project in front of you, it completely lends itself to being free and expressive. If you too long to keep in touch with your creative side, head across to the interview via the link below, it’s a real treat.

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