Mixed Imagery by Fabian Podeszwa

An assortment of photography by Fabian Podeszwa, a 19 year old hailing from Cologne, Germany. Ironically, earlier i was listening to Cologne based band Beat! Beat! Beat!, I wanted to see what everyone was raving on about, apparently they have the “raw sounds of a youth filled with love, hurt, girls and beer”. I’m personally not sure on that exact concoction, but these guys definitely have that nostalgic vibe going on.

So when I came across Fabian on flickr, the link kind of clicked. It turns out this guy shoots a lot of their press material, so as i scrolled through his pages, the styles kind of merged.

I guess it’s a perfect fit. Check out his imagery below, i tried to pick out my personal favourites, but you can also visit his flickr for more.