Mixed Imagery From Jacinta Moore

Evening all, tonight I decided to bring across some great mixed imagery from avid flickr user BawkBawk, a young lady based in Melbourne, Australia. It seems the young Miss Moore looks to capture anything and everything in her vicinity with her film camera, her profile is littered with snap shots of animals, wide open spaces and various tasty meals she has previously eaten.

From browsing through the vast amount of pages on her profile it became pretty evident to me that Jacinta is a master of capturing natural lighting. The subtle and soft lighting just trickles over her subjects, which really does lead for some beautiful tones and coloration in her pieces.

The young student is some what of an explorer with the lens and is definitely worth following online if you’re looking to find imagery that has a different take. All of her prints are available to purchase, so for those interested be sure to head through to her blog and contact her.