Mixed Imagery From Randy P. Martin

We always strive to find new and inspiring creatives for the site, so when we return to the same individual you know to expect something special. Searching through Randy’s profile once again I sat in complete awe of his creations, his works carry a strong tie to nature with such subtle yet significant human presence.

I love the mystery and the unknown created around these characters featured, they’re all quite individual and seem to be in a world of their own. Each frame we have here holds great storytelling ability, and I think it would be quite captivating to hear Randy’s definition of what is going on in each still.

If you’ve not had a look through his profile over on Flickr you’re truly missing out. Randy provides such a range of perfectly lit stills with great character and poise. I’m not too sure what Randy is shooting on but he certainly seems to have mastered getting the most out of his equipment, providing a prime example of the capabilities of well considered film photography.