Of San Francisco by Joshua Longbrake

Earlier this morning i stumbled across Joshua Longbrake, photographer and all round creative coming out of Seattle. This guy also writes on a blog of his own at thelongbrake.com, which is pretty awesome as well, he packs all the punches, funny, witty, and just generally cool. So check that out if you have time (and subscribe).

But this post is about his photography and also the release of his personal website. And yes, it’s another one of those scenarios where you can’t quite pick your favourite set, all the imagery is just too damn good. In the end i went for this series called ‘of San Francisco’, which seems to be pretty self explanatory, photography of seattle.

I love the light, i love the tones, i pretty much like all of it. The work is simple and striking, and depicts real experiences Joshua has had himself. Us humans seem to have a weird fascination with other peoples lives. I’m not sure why that is, but for now, satisfy yourself by scrolling down.