Parker Fitzgerald for Kinfolk

Regular followers of our blog will know we have a lot of admiration for photographer Parker Fitzgerald and fine dining magazine Kinfolk, given the amount of times we’ve covered both of these entities here in the past. Recently Kinfolk got together for one of their evening meals and invited Parker to come and document the occasion, which thankfully he accepted as we see above and below in this tremendous series of photographs that he’s captured.

For this gathering the collective made their way into an idyllic barn in Terrain gardens of Glen Mills, Philadelphia, sharing a candle lit dinner ideal for the vivid tones of a film camera. The dinner itself was actually filmed by the usual suspects for the magazine Andrew and Carissa Gallo if you’ve not caught a glimpse of this yet. I’d recommend checking back with the Kinfolk journal after reading for further context to this set, both the film and the rest of Parkers coverage are well worth a visit in the face of creative inspiration.

Much like Brian W Ferry, who also dabbles in film photography, Parker never ceases to amaze me with the clarity and warming tones of his photos. I’m not sure if it’s just me that does this but I always find myself imagining being in the scenes he captures and building up a picture of what this place is like in my mind. Here you can envisage the smells and sounds as everybody tucks into the meal chattering amongst themselves and enjoying what I’m sure was an absolutely delicious plate of food.

If you enjoy these photos then I’d really urge you to take a short trip across to both of these links below. Parker is quite the master of the portrait photograph and Kinfolk never fail to impress issue by issue, I promise these won’t disappoint.