People Watching, Jesse Schlesinger by Leslie Williamson

Many of you may know that we released a nice in-depth interview with photographer Leslie Williamson over the weekend, I was really honoured to have the chance to speak to Leslie, I’m a big admirer of her work and she’s a great person as well (added bonus!). So this morning when I woke up and heard about her releasing a new post on her column for the NYTimes TStyle blog I had to showcase a few of the images here today and point you towards the article itself. It’s a genuinely exciting read with imagery that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but there’s also a nicely written piece to coincide. I think people often overlook the writing aspect as I think Leslie really proves herself not only through her photography but also through her words, she’s got a nice personal voice which is something you don’t see all too often.

This specific piece explores the works of creative Jesse Schlesinger who resides in San Francisco, he works in a variety of media including sculpture, installation, photography, and drawing. I’ve not heard of Jesse before but he looks like an interesting fellow who has a real passion for creativity, these photographs give us a glimpse of his studio at the Headlands Center for the Arts and Leslie also guides us through each space nicely with her well edited captions. You’ve got to love the different sections and separate things going on in each area, quite random in ways, but that’s what makes it appealing in my eyes. I may also note the above image which shows his Japanese saws and other necessities, a perfect shot!

Here I’ve only selected a small amount of work to represent this article but really I wanted to point out the series as a whole, something I’m excited to see more of in the near future. I’ve now subscribed to her TStyle feed, have you? View this specific piece on Jesse Schlesinger by clicking the NYTimes url below.