Photo Series from In The Make

We’re are naturally always on the hunt for makers, and In The Make have them stockpiled, so once again I’ve returned to their door this morning to raid a little photography. Last time around we highlighted their studio visit to sculptor Mari Andrew, which if you didn’t catch a glimpse of was like a cave of all things organic and eye pleasing, I’d recommend checking back if I was you. Today I thought I’d focus more on a mixture of individuals as they carry such a diverse range of interviewees within their webpage, in this set we see print making, pottery, collage, painting, and two separate mediums of sculpture.

I tend to browse over a handful of sites that follow this interview based format and I have to say I think In the make is perhaps the best art based one I’ve come across. I do really enjoy Freunde von Freunden and Grain and Gram, when they update it, but these tend to follow more of a craft and design path so these guys provide a great alternative read. As we’ve transitioned with our own site away from clothing our interviews haven’t been as frequent as in the past unfortunately and this something we’ve been quite conscious of recently.

However we have been quietly working away behind the scenes on a few, so hopefully we can bring something different to the table ourselves in the coming months to compliment what’s already out there. In the meantime I hope these fantastic photos serve as the perfect teaser to get you across onto the In the make website and delving through their archive. If something here doesn’t inspire you to get a little creative yourself, I’m not sure what will. I can really recommend the recent post on Tom Killion the printmaker seen above who hand-carves his images into linden, plywood, linoleum, and other block materials using Japanese handtools. Go take a look and see what you think!