Photography by Cody Cobb

American based photographer Cody Cobb is such a talent in my eyes, in fact this will be the fourth time I’ve brought across a selection of his work over on to our platform, which I’m sure has to be some sort of record. His photos bring a sense of adventure to the table with such a considered eye. It’s not just the fact that he’s photographing stunning scenery, he frames each location meticulously and in the process pulls the viewers attention to subtle textures found in the scenes before him.

For me there always seems to be two points of focus which give his photos a great depth, perhaps best seen in the sixth image here, however bar one I think these all have this as rule of thumb so to speak. I think Cody does a great job of simplifying what’s caught in his viewfinder which in turn over emphasises the beauty on the horizon and the finer details within.

In terms of landscape photographers it’s so hard for me to choose a favourite between Cody and another American creative you may have come across on here before called Randy P Martin. I’m yet to be disappointed by the portfolio of either, when I’ve got a bit more disposable income I’ll have to purchase a print or two from these talented chaps.

I’ve been waiting to see Cody produce his own website because I really think photos of this quality deserve to be showcased on a dedicated portfolio, but for the time being you can view these over on Flickr. If you’ve got a reader it’s well worth adding this feed into your subscriptions, I personally can’t wait to see what else Cody is going to produce in the near future and hopefully after reading this post you can’t too.


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