Photography by David Hendra

David Hendra graduated from Bournemouth Arts Institute in 2005 with a BA in Photography. He is now a freelancer based in London, in-between jobs David has travelled a lot in Asia and Africa, mainly working with a missionary NGO.

He says, “Life is brutal and life is beautiful. It can be incomprehensible that the two exist together. I found that by spending time with individuals and communities, opportunities to take meaningful photos often arose.”.

His work is displayed on his website without fixed reference or titles to allow them to be seen as examples rather than incidences of events or locations. “I suppose it helps them become fiction rather than fact”.

The photography is often revealing, opening up cultured environments, imagery of things we don’t see in everyday life.

“The facts can be uncomfortable. As can working in London whilst I want to be exploring.”.

I agree, check out the fantastic photography on his website, hit the link below.