Photography by Hailey Rose Jones

I thought I’d have a quick browse around and see if I could find a series of photography that would catch my eye, as I’ve been gasping for a little photo inspiration since sharing Leonora Hamill photos earlier on in the week. Hailey Rose Jones is a photographer that I have to admit I’ve not come across before, but I was really impressed with her eye for the candid shot so I’ll be keeping my eye on this creative from here on in.

Hailey, much like another photographer I’m particularly fond of Parker Fitzgerald, bases herself out of Portland, Oregon and is also quite the talented film camera operator. What really makes these photos that I’ve brought across here in my opinion is the abundance of textures and colours that Hailey has sourced amongst her local surroundings. These photos have real depth to them with sharpened details emphasised and a nice subtle depth of field drawing the viewers eye in.

The third image down is by far my favourite of the bunch, the way in which the light trickles across the frame and onto the satchel in the centre of the photo is absolutely stunning. Hopefully with it being the weekend a few of you have a spare moment on your hands to capture some photography of your own. I’m certainly hoping the English summer decides to arrive so I can get out a shoot a roll or three of my own. If you too are intrigued by the imagery we have here why not head over to Hailey’s personal webpage which she quite frequently updates. As always I’ll leave the link for this just below.