Photography by Li Hui

Wow. What a gem i came across this morning, photography by Li Hui. This girl is a true talent, using mainly a Single Lens Reflex camera to convey her message, she purposely under or over-exposes images to get a desired effect. Being creative and as experimental as possible.

From research, it looks like Li Hui pulls inspiration from films and music, preferring them in fact to photography itself. I guess taking pictures is more of a hobby for her. Although, she says photography is not for self-expression, but to share common feelings, apparently she’s not good at showing her inner feelings. Which is probably why she doesn’t like to take pictures of faces, it’s all about the mystery behind a person or scenario.

Her work is pure, simple and conceptual. I hope she continues taking photos of mysterious things and keeps her.
adolescence. It sets her apart from the rest.

View more below.

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