Photography by Vivian Weidmann

Today i put together some photography by Vivian Weidmann, based in Budapest, Hungary. Funnily enough, Vivian was actually born in Los Angeles, California, but goes to high school in Budapest. I though that was quite quirky in itself.

Although the imagery below is a bit random (its probably the way in which i’ve picked it), i think this lends itself to her own style. Her photographs are more observative, taking pictures of everyday life, of things that happen in-front of her eyes naturally.

I read up earlier that Zurich will be her next home, as she has been given an opportunity to be a graphic designer there. So look out for more work coming from her, i’m actually quite jealous.

Check it out below.


  • v w


    i just stumbled upon this, and just wanted to add that unfortunately i didn’t get the job in zürich!


  • Mark Robinson

    That’s unfortunate. I hope you find something soon! (if you’re looking of course) :D

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