Photo Series From Salva Lopez

I’m returning to the photographic talents of Barcalona’s Salva Lopez as his style is one that really seems to resonate with me, I’m fond of his simplistic and minimalist approach, so bringing this inspiring set across into the archive was an easy choice. Salva explains that “these are the moments when laughs of people, and games of children are replaced by the blowing of the wind and the chirping of the seagulls”.

In a way the beach reverts back to it’s natural state, it must be quite remarkable to see the transition from populated to desolate – If only this could be recorded in a timelapse. His portrayal of a rather sombre Mediterranean coast prior to the warm season is a view the tourists rarely get to see, I’m sure the locals must appreciate the peace and quiet before everyone arrives.

It does make you think though with such a structure in place for tourists visiting, have those living in these areas on a daily basis been forgotten. Salva’s work is obviously quite thought provoking, so while I ponder all of this I’d suggest taking the link below to view a little more from the young creative.