Plant Series – Prints by Belgium Designer Anniek Beije of Studio Joop


If you’ve been checking our Pinterest page, I’ve been pinning foliage quite heavily, even on the shop I’ve been trying to integrate foliage in to the product photography. It’s fun venturing outside and picking strands or buds that can be used in the photos. Not only is it fulfilling creatively, it also gets you out in nature, even if it’s just for a while, and you have to be considered with your choices. A bit like Ikebana and the spiritual element that it carries.

So it makes sense then to have things around the house that would bring nature inside. One of those ways is to buy some cactus plants, or to just bring random foliage from the garden and put it in some of the ceramics that you have in your house. Another way, which I thought was a nice idea, is to have paintings or photography around your house of foliage itself. This is why I picked out this work by Studio Joop titled the ‘Plant’ series.

Owned by Belgian creative Anniek Beije, her studio has become a mixture of styling, graphic design and photography. This project combines all of those in one, and is just a simple set of photography that can be purchased and placed around the home. Anyway, the images here speak for themselves, so I hope this gives you another idea on how to integrate this in your own home.









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