Portraits by Antony Crook

Bolton born photographer Antony Crook caught my attention with his portraiture work over on his portfolio page. Now, I’ve seen many of his pictures before, we even showcased a video that Antony did on the site, but for some reason or another I’ve never got round to posting up some of my favourite photographs. I picked this series because you don’t often see photographers with such a wide variety of stars under his belt, he’s taken pictures of famous individuals such as David Hockney, Peter Saville, and Tim Burton. He’s even taken a photo of one of our biggest inspirations, Daiki Suzuki of Engineered Garments.

Aside from that, Antony has some terrific landscape work that ranges from places like his hometown in Bolton, to Colorado, and Goa, India. He’s really got his own sense of style, so much so that it connects the series one to another, something that seems to be lost in the younger photographers. View his beautifully composed work by clicking the link below.


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